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 ====== Commentary ====== ====== Commentary ======
-This page will contain commentary and annotations to research papers. +^ Title ^ Category ^ Date Entered ^ Last Updated ^ Document ^ 
- +| Orientation | Poetry | 2020 | | {{:orientation_5.5.20.pdf|PDF}} | 
- +| Just Jim | Biographical | 2012 | | {{:inspiringsci_293_299_justjim.pdf|PDF}} | 
- +| Jack Schwartz (1930 – 2009) | Biographical | 2012 | | [[jack_schwartz | Jack Schwartz (1930 – 2009)]] | 
-========================= +| PhilosophyReligions, and Cults | Thoughts | 4/12/2021 | | {{philosophy_religions_and_cults.docx|DOCX}} | 
- +| Language | Thoughts | 4/12/2021 | | {{language.docx|DOCX}} |
-===== The following is a suggestion for how to present this page ===== +
- +
-What is suggested here is to use //namespaces// to better organize these commentaries Suppose that there are 100 files in the dokuwiki that require commentary Instead of having every single commentary for all 100 documents in this page, each document can have its own page+
- +
-So then, what is the whole point of having a commentary page if each document will have it's own page anyway? +
- +
-This Commentary page would contain a list of links in which each link would take you to a different page+
- +
-Instead of having the annotations forlet's saythe "Rare de novo..." document on the same page as the annotations of other documents, you can have them on different pages.  But you still want to categorize them as commentaries, so to do this, we use //namespaces//.  Great!  But what are namespaces?  Imagine that you are trying to find a file in your computer and that your file is contained inside a folder.  In Dokuwiki, //pages// are the analog of files, and //namespaces// are the analog of folders.  It's just a way of organizing your Dokuwiki+
- +
-Ok, so maybe you're starting to get the picture here, but still can't grasp the details.  How would one create all these pages and links?  Let's say that your //namespace// or "folder" is called "Commentary" and you want to create 5 pages, one for each of 5 documents.  The five documents are called: //"Rare de novo..."//, //"Reducing System Noise..."//, //"Dosage-Dependent Phenotypes..."//, //"Genome Wide Copy..."//, and //"Tumor Evolution Inferred..."//.  The names of the pages that contain the commentary of these documents will be called the following: +
- +
- commentary:rare_de_novo +
- commentary:reducing_system_noise +
- commentary:dosage_dependent_phenotypes +
- commentary:genome_wide_copy +
- commentary:tumor_evolution_inferred +
- +
-The aspect of having ''commentary:'' before the name of the page allows the page to be inside the namespace (or "folder") called "commentary".  Using this method to organize commentaries for many documents, it will be easier for you and the users to view and navigate the Dokuwiki.+